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Content writer | Open for hire | Qualified in English Literature & Culture Studies   

Hi, I'm René 

I love writing. Freelance writing comes naturally to me as I have been studying and working on all things creative, language and writing for four years now. Check out my about me page if you'd like to get to know me better. My skills and interests cover a wide range of topics, most of which relate to lifestyle and culture.  

I currently specialise in the following writing niches: 


health and wellness

lifestyle and homesteading 

literature and media reviews

education and teaching

environmental care

Christian faith

I am open to new writing opportunities that speak to a company's specific vision and target audience. I also love being part of building and growing communities online.  Contact or hire me if you are small business owner, publication outlet, agency or a blog owner who needs content in any of the above-mentioned industries.

Here's a look at the services I offer: 

- Content writing: magazine articles, site content, ebooks & white papers 

- Ghostwriting

- Blog writing

- Editing: basic proofreading & developmental editing

- Copywriting 

- Resume writing 

A bit about me

I am a South African work-from-home freelancer writer, wife, postgraduate English Literature student and language tutor.

I love creating work that is fresh, to-the-point and aimed at a specific audience/readership.

I've lived in Bloemfontein, central South Africa for all my life. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Theatre Arts with a second major in English between 2017-2019 at the University of the Free State. After completing my Bachelors degree with a double major, I decided to tackle my Bachelor of Arts Honours with specialisation in English in 2020. 

During these four years of studies, I went about various student jobs related to my expertise, such as working as a research assistant, a public speaking tutor, and an English skills learning facilitator. Currently, I still work as learning facilitator of English language skills for first year Education students. I do this part-time, whilst working on a Masters dissertation in English, and doing freelance writing. 

As I work simultaneously on research, writing, language and teaching, I am able to produce quality work that is also easy to understand.

What I enjoy doing when I am not working: 

- Reading 

- Jogging and maintaining an active lifestyle

- Painting 

- Being in nature 

Get in touch

If you'd like to hire me for your writing needs, you can email me at

I usually respond within 48 hours of the sent message or email.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Examples of my work

You want get an idea of my writing style before hiring me. Sure, that's understandable! Here are a few examples of my work. 

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How to Get Your Life Back Book Review

How to Get Your Life Back This book is written by John Eldredge, a bestselling author, counsellor and teacher – an author whom both my husband and I have come to adore! I admire his style of writing that speaks the truth in love. He is the president of Ransomed Heart, a ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God. John and his wife, Stasi, are the authors of various other best-selling books like Wild at Heart (John) and Captivating (John and Stasi).

Choosing God for Myself

I’ve recently turned 23 and I think that the time close to one’s birthday is useful for doing all-round reflection on your life. For me, this entails looking back at the little more than twenty years of my life which, thus far, includes my first year of marriage, my four years of tertiary studies, my school years and childhood. A prominent theme that I can unmistakably notice throughout all of these seasons, is my complete dependence on God’s instruction for each season.